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According to various studies, "paraffin-based candles -- the most popular kind -- emitted toxic chemicals like toluene and benzene. ... Researchers say that lighting a paraffin candle once in a while is unlikely to pose a health threat.  However, frequently lighting many candles in an unventilated space could lead to problems, and may aggravate asthma, cause allergy-like symptoms, or irritate the respiratory tract." - CNN

Additionally, we use 100% cotton wicks which do not contain lead unlike most paraffin candle wicks and which are not chemically treated like many beeswax and soy candles.   

Why Beeswax

Products for Natural Living

Beeswax candles have longer burn times than parafin candles giving your more hours of ambiance and enjoyment while cleaning the air rather than adding air pollutants.  Approximate burn times are being added to each candle description as test candles finish burning. 

Our candles are crafted by hand using beeswax that is
made and processed without the use of chemicals or pesticides and
100% cotton wicks.  Breathe in the sweet smell of honey and beeswax,
not chemicals, synthetic fragrances, and lead.