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Host an Event and Save

Interested in our items but want to save on shipping?  Want to see, smell, and try our products before placing an order?  Host a party to receive a gift and additional discounts based on the amount sold (see list below for discounts and gifts offered at various levels of party sales).  Available dates fill quickly; email to reserve your spot.  Parties only available in the greater Seattle area at this time.

  • $50-150 Party Salve, Free 2 oz salve

  • $150 Party Sales, 5% off Host's order + Free 2 oz Salve & lip balm

  • $250 Party Sales, 10% off Host's order + Free 2 oz salve, lip balm & small candle

  • $500 Party Sales, 20% off Host's order + free 4 oz salve, lip balm, small tea & candle of your choice

  • $750+ Party Sales, 25% off host's order + free 4 oz salve, lip balm, large tea, large spice & candle of your choice

Booking Bonus: Get 50% off one item for every party booked at your event

Host an Event