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About Paddy's Pantry

Paddy’s Pantry was created by Jon and Alicia Padvorac in February 2016 (just

before their oldest's second birthday) in order to share the handcrafted goods

that they developed and the plants they love.

The inspiration for the name Paddy's Pantry came from "Paddy's," a business

owned by Jon's grandfather Rudy Padvorac several decades ago.  Rudy chose

the name Paddy's as a customer friendly alternative to their more difficult to

pronounce eastern European last name.

We started making salves in 2011 and branched out into tea, lip balm, candles, lotion, deodorant, shave oil, beard balm, bath salts, etc. from there.  We have been raising a variety of obscure plants a bit longer, since shortly after moving to our first home in 2009.  Jon's love of plants was passed down from his great grandparents who immigrated from Croatia to the US in the early 1900’s and purchased a farm in Pennsylvania.  Since this time, each generation of Jon’s family has farmed in some capacity.

We are excited to offer you some of our favorite plants and creations!


It is our goal to make quality, chemical-free products available to everyone.  Check out our recipes page if you are interested in creating some of our favorite items at home.  Check back often or sign up for our quarterly newsletter for latest posts.


We pledge to care for the earth and the people in it.  We want to make sure that everything we do and everything we make leaves the world a better place for our children and all of the people that come after us.